Tolga Tuncer




Facebook Phone 1 (2012)

Facebook corporate blue , very long display for optimal news feed presentation.  Spotify Shortcut , powerful loudspeakers.

And unique design ,to allow the user very comfortable access to the facebook UI via wedge design approach.


Phone Concept for Facebook Inc. (2013) - Design by Tolga T.


This new concept incorporates all features of the Blue Experience 1 , but in a more compact aluminum casing. 
This is achieved by a sliding mechanism ,combined with a new central user-interface element.
A real physical aluminum wheel with the embedded Like-Button. With the wheel its now very easy to scroll
within the Facebook Timeline, News Feed ,Friends list and Photos without touching the screen. But you can use the phone of course without slide-opening it ,over the high-resolution touchscreen. 
The wheel is also central point of Instagram’s filter selection and filter adjustment settings. All new UI is suited on top of the Android OS.


Facebook Phone - Blue Experience 2

The new concept is much more pocket - friendly. And resembles the idea of a small (book)let.

Maximum screen size , right and left there is more space left for the palm and fingers to avoid any overlapping of the screen.

It is designed to stand upright so you can use it as an Instagram Picture frame on your desk .


Main User-Interface elements are placed on the top. The polished aluminum wheel which gives a feeling of high-quality & durability.

Functions of the wheel :

  • Scrolling through Instagram-photo collection

  • Going through different Instagram-Filters back and forth

  • Changing Exposure

  • News-Feed , Webbrowsing ,Up,down 

There is an Instagram immediate button to fire-up the App. And the physical Like - Button inside the wheel to like Facebook posting, and also be used to like Instagram photos comfortably without the need of touching the touchscreen.

Save the moments… Facebook - Instagram Phone

Perfectly integrated Instagram , with its square screen size, instant button and wheel for all Cam-settings.

Tolga Tuncer